How did the Libertarians do?

This morning, November 9, 2016, Libertarian Party (LP) presidential nominee Governorgary_johnson_2012-jpeg Gary Johnson received just under four million votes (3 percent) — the most of any presidential candidate. In 2012, Johnson received just over one million votes so he dramatically increased his votes, but came up short of the 5 percent Libertarians were hoping for to help them will ballot access in several states for future elections. Johnson was the only “peace candidate” in the presidential race who was on the ballot in all 50 states.

paul-stanton-campaign-photoIn Florida, U.S. Senate candidate Paul Stanton received 1.17 percent of the vote where Republican Marco Rubio was re-elected. Stanton said last night, “I want to thank the 195,000 or so Floridians who researched what we stood for and decided we were the right ticket for them. I also want to thank my campaign staff for putting in the hours to help make the last several months work. This year’s U.S. Senate campaign is just one more step in the right direction for Liberty, and we’re not done taking those critical baby steps. Not in the least. We’ll reflect on what we learned from this campaign, we’ll connect with those who supported us, and the Liberty movement will be even stronger next time.”

Some local elections around the state were mixed. While Libertarian Jared Grifoni earnedgrifoni1.jpg his win for the Marco Island City Council, James Morris lost his bid for Bay County Commissioner. Congressional candidate Rob Lapham of District 2 received just under 3 percent of the votes in his district. Florida House District 18 had Libertarian Ken Willey running who received 18.21 percent of the vote.

In Palm Beach County, Libertarian Florida House District 90 candidate, Artie Lurie received 20.45 percent of the vote in his bid against Democratic Party incumbent Lori Berman.In the non-partisan Palm Beach County Soil & Water Conservation District, Libertarian Matthew Bymaster earned his win for Group 2 with 53.74 percent (241,639 votes) of the vote, Karl Dickey lost his bid against Democrat Rob Long earning 33 percent (145,749 votes) of the vote total.


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