Florida approves expanded medical marijuana amendment

sAs of this morning, November 9, 2016, Florida voters overwhelming approved to expand medical-marijuana-free-licensethe state’s medical marijuana usage per a state constitutional amendment. Over 71 percent of voters approved the measure which was necessary because the Florida legislature failed to expand the use of marijuana by prescription so the citizenry acted and voted to help patients.Medical marijuana has only recently become legal in Florida, but for a very small group of patients; last night’s passage of Amendment 2 expands its use. This measure adds Florida to the majority of states which have either legalized it for medical purposes and/or for recreational purposes.

Another amendment on the ballot for Florida voters yesterday was a solar amendment which did not pass. The controversial measure was not supported by environmental groups and was denounced by the Libertarian Party of Florida. Many called the amendment a shame as it appeared to promote solar usage by Florida homeowners; however, actually restricted residents’ ability to sell back excess solar energy usage.

Two other measures passed overwhelmingly which give extra property tax exemptions to certain classes of people in the Florida.

In Palm Beach County, voters approved a 17 percent increase in their sales tax. The controversial Boca Raton question regarding the city-owned property which was formerly known as The Wildflower (corner of Palmetto Park Rd, NE 5th Avenue, and the Intracoastal waterway) passed overwhelmingly. By doing so, voters rejected the city’s plans to move forward with a lease for a Houston’s Restaurant and instead voiced their support for the property to be a park or perhaps expand the Silver Palm Park which is across the street. The wording of the Boca Raton question offers the city much leeway, outside of leasing it for commercial purposes.

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