VIDEO: Seah Johnson Tells Her Father’s Supporters to Make Election Day a “Giant Crazy Rocking Joyful” Dance Party

Salt Lake City, Utah In a video released Sunday, Gov. Gary Johnson’s daughter, Seah, has a suggestion for voters still undecided and looking to cast votes they can feel good about: Make Election Day a “Giant crazy rocking joyful” dance party. The historically most accurate poll, IBD/TPP, shows Johnson at 7.6 percent while Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are at 45 percent and 43 percent, respectively. While Trump and Clinton’s poll numbers remain steady, Johnson increased over 1 percent since yesterday.

Libertarians are betting on Johnson receiving at least 5 percent of the vote which would help future Libertarian Party candidates with ballot access. In many states, Libertarian candidates have to jump through many more hoops than Democrats and Republicans due to laws designed to keep them off the ballot.

Watch the video here: Dance:

Seah Johnson frequently speaks at rallies for the Johnson/Weld ticket, and joins her father on the campaign trail. In the video released by the campaign, she offers a “joyful” alternative to voting for the two major party candidates.


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