Top South Carolina newspaper endorses Gary Johnson over Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

Salt Lake City, Utah  South Carolina’s most-circulated newspaper, The Post and Courier of Charleston, has endorsed Gov. Gary Johnson for President.

In an editorial published in this Sunday’s edition, The Post and Courier made its case forjohnson_sitting-245x250-6302 Gov. Johnson by stating that “it’s grimly obvious that a record number of voters are thoroughly dismayed by what they justifiably see as their lack of a positive White House choice in either the Democratic or the Republican nominee.”

“If you’re among that vast group,” the editorial’s title suggested “A liberating presidential-vote solution” to ”register your displeasure loudly and clearly by voting for neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump on Tuesday. Instead, vote for Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson.”

The Post & Courier contrasted Gov. Johnson with both major party nominees, and found him the more favorable choice:

Gov. Johnson “is not, as Mrs. Clinton is, under investigation by the FBI for improper use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State. He has not, as Mrs. Clinton has, repeatedly lied about that case, expanding a credibility gap for a troubling pattern of deceit that began long before her latest scandal.

And Mr. Johnson is not, as Mr. Trump is, a crude braggart who has consistently shown alarming ignorance on both domestic and international issues. He does not, as Mr. Trump does, have a blatantly weak claim to any constitutional or conservative perspective. Nor does he exhibit, as Mr. Trump does, an excessive self-confidence that borders on blinding narcissism.”

Citing the fiscally conservative records of both Gov. Johnson in New Mexico, and his running mate, Gov. Bill Weld in Massachusetts, The Post and Courier noted that “the Johnson-Weld ticket stresses the urgent need to reform unsustainable federal entitlement spending. Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump duck that dire challenge of our times.”

Concluding its endorsement The Post and Courier urged readers to “vote to let the major parties know they blew it this year with their choices of White House nominees.

Vote for Gary Johnson for president.”

Full text of endorsement at The Post & Courier’s site here:

“A liberating presidential-vote solution”

The Post and Courier is the eighth daily U.S. newspaper to endorse the Johnson/Weld ticket this cycle.

Newspapers endorsing Gov. Gary Johnson for President, 2016:

The Chicago Tribune
The Detroit News
The New Hampshire Union-Leader & Sunday News
The Post and Courier
(Charleston, SC)
The Richmond Times-Dispatch
The Winston-Salem Journal
The Daily Sun
(Sunnyside, WA)
The Caledonian-Record (St. Johnsbury, VT)

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