California Supreme Court asked to review West Hollywood shakedown

The City of West Hollywood violated the U.S. Constitution by slamming a couple with a staggering, half-million-dollar “affordable housing” fee as the price of a permit to build an 11-unit condominium project — even though the city itself admitted that the project doesn’t create affordable housing problems, but actually helps meet regional housing needs.



PLF Attorney Brian T. Hodges

“The state Supreme Court should take this case (616 Croft Ave., LLC v. City of West Hollywood) because West Hollywood has perpetrated an unconstitutional shakedown and the victims deserve justice,” said PLF Principal Attorney Brian T. Hodges. “The Fifth Amendment prohibits government from singling out individual property owners and exploiting them as ATMs to pay for politicians’ wish lists or for social programs that everyone should help pay for. The Lehrer-Graiwers aren’t to blame for West Hollywood’s affordable housing shortages.”


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