Johnson makes near final plea to supporters

 Salt Lake City, Utah — Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson is making


Gov. Gary Johnson

what seems to be a final plea to his supporters as the door to the presidency is rapidly closing. Johnson is asking for money from his supporters saying in an email, “The final strategy will depend on how much support we receive right now.” The email is riddled with several links to his campaign donation page.

Johnson has been touching on how both Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic Party nominee have had horrible records with women. Johnson says, “It’s time for Republicans, and all Americans, to face that reality. And it’s time to reject the notion that he is the only option other than Hillary Clinton. Americans deserve better. Women deserve better.”

Johnson goes on to say in this afternoon’s email:

“Donald Trump cannot win this election. If that wasn’t clear before, it is becoming crystal clear now.

The pollsters and politicos are taking notice. We have an historicopportunity to beat the two-partie at their own game.We are within striking distance of first place in several key states. First with the military. First with young voters. And first with independents.

Winning even a few electoral college votes could prevent both Hillary and Trump from getting the 270 electoral votes they need to win. When that happens, the election goes to the House of Representatives, controlled by Republicans who are not favorable to either Trump or Hillary.”

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  1. While it’s true that both the Republicans and Democrats hate Trump and Hillary, the congress will still support them rather than allow a third major party to come into existence. Time to face reality- the Libertarian Party has lost this election.


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