Cision releases its top 100 election journalists

Chicago, Illinois — Yesterday, October 12, 2016, Cision released its Top 100 2016 Electionunnamed-8 Journalists, Editors, and Influencers list, comprised of the most influential names and voices in American political journalism and commentary. Compiled using Cision’s Media Database, the extensive list features a diverse group of individuals spanning the entire political and media spectrums, including TV news anchors, columnists, authors and radio hosts.

A year before the 2016 election takes place, it was already named the most talked about topic on Facebook1 and the most unprecedented election ever2. These conversations have already influenced triple-digit increases in social media engagement on multimedia-based election content, searches for election-related content have quadrupled, and over 110 million hours of election coverage has been consumed on YouTube3. This detailed list will help communications professionals stay on top of the most powerful conversations in American politics during the most social election cycle in history.

Cision’s Top 100 2016 Election Journalists, Editors, and Influencers list provides readers:

  • A glimpse into each influencer’s background and how they earned their political chops
  • The locations of political journalists and which types have the greatest influence
  • Demographics of the top election influencer pool
  • Tips on how to connect with and pitch political reporters and influencers

The increasing amount of social media use by journalists and their role as online influencers will continue to evolve. Access the full list to identify who to follow and who to engage with this election season, complete with influencer summaries, contact information, and useful relationship-building tips.

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