Will VotePlz and cash get millennials into the voting booth this November?

Finally – a voting guide for millennials that works – and interactively speaks to the 110210 met vote 1..jpgyounger voter generation in their language, with plenty of slang and emojis. A new nonprofit start-up, VotePlz, launched by Y Combinator president, Sam Altman, is dedicated to helping make voting easier, directly targeted at millennials.

VotePlz reminds and educates on why we vote in the first place, outlining some key topics concerned citizens should be thinking about, and acting on. You can read a few them below:

  • What health care systems do you want in place for your kids?

  • How do you want our country and international community to handle environmental challenges?

  • What social programs should we have in place for citizens and communities?

  • How can we get our economy to better support you?

  • What should the education of the future look like?

With VotePlz, you can easily find out if you are registered, and if you are not, you can register in five minutes. In addition, they have launched a sweepstakes with prizes of up to over $1 million dollars, aiming to alleviate student loan debt and provide college scholarships! How it works: members invite up to 25 friends with a referral link and each invite is an entry to win $50,000.

Election day is a little over a month away, and it’s more relevant than ever to stress the importance of voter registration education – especially to younger generations that may be voting for the first time on November 8, 2016. By taking the pain out of registration, this nonprofit encourages participation in this fascinating election among peers.

VotePlz does not have any candidates on its website and is mainly an attempt to get people to not only register to vote but to actually cast a ballot in the November general election.

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