Even with Johnson’s gaffes, he remains the sanest choice for president over Trump or Clinton

Coming off the recent endorsements by the Detroit Free Press and the Chicago Tribune, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson  remains “a practical alternative who shares the same values as many Americans.” Johnson is beating Trump with the number of major newspaper endorsement. Whereas Johnson has had three recent missteps on MSNBC, he has been racking up major newspaper endorsements and American support for his candidacy continues to grow. Johnson’s most recent misstep was expertly spun in his favor when he couldn’t come up with a foreign leader he looked up to.

While Americans still strongly distrust Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump doesn’t fair any better. A majority of Americans know very little about Johnson due to a severe deficit of regular news broadcasts including him alongside Trump and Clinton when discussing the 2016 presidential race.

gary-johnson25Johnson still struggles a bit in the polls nationwide, but in many states, he’s surging. A new poll out this morning, October 2, 2016, has Johnson at 24 percent in his home state of New Mexico. New Hampshire has Johnson at 13 percent, in Virginia he’s at 15 percent, and in Colorado he’s at 13 percent.

So, while both Clinton and Trump have a large amount of baggage, Johnson seems the sanest choice of the three presidential candidates who will be on the ballot in all 50 states in November’s general election. But many Americans remain fearful to vote Johnson as they feel they may be “wasting” their vote. Johnson says that voting for someone you do not believe in is a “wasted vote” and the Chicago Tribune states, “We reject the cliche that a citizen who chooses a principled third-party candidate is squandering his or her vote.” Many Americans are supporting either Trump or Clinton because they are against the other candidate, rather than being very supporting of “their candidate.” And yet, in Florida for example, most voters are grossly misinformed about the presidential candidate for which they will choose in November and a led by the mainstream media.



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  1. After seeing the postings and reviews on Gary Johnson and Bill Weld’s Town hall Wednesday evening on MSNBC with Chris Mathews, I can honestly say that Hillary was right, but it is about this election in general that there are many “deplorables” out there.

    Gary Johnson was called stupid, dumb, loopy, ignorant, a joker, dumber than a box of rocks, a braindead stoner, as well as the ever popular pothead.

    This was said about a guy that while in college started his own business, Big J Construction. He sold that business for multi-millions of dollars after growing it to over 1,000 employees. He ran as a Republican for Governor of New Mexico, a state at the time that was 2 to 1 Democrats and won. He then won re-election because he did what he promised he said he would do and always put people before politics. He was described by his constituency as honest and trustworthy, a person with integrity, with perseverance, and passion. While governor he vetoed over 750 bills, over 1/3 of them sponsored by republicans. The question he always asked when presented with a bill was should government be involved and at what cost. He actually vetoed a bill that a Republican had sponsored and was called on it by that republican who stated, “But, I gave $30,000 to your campaign”. Gary’s response was, “I am sorry that is not the way it works, would you like a refund?” On the third Thursday of every month from 4PM to 10PM he would have an open door policy at 5 minute intervals for anyone to come and meet with him personally even if it was only to shake his hand or take a picture. He was a governor that loved and respected the people he represented. Due to term limits, which to this day he endorses in all levels of government, he left as governor after his second term.

    In 2003 he climbed Mt Everest, and has climbed the highest peaks on all seven continents. He has competed in the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii and has completed the Ironman three times. He has also run and biked in numerous marathons.

    In 2005 he suffered a severe paragliding accident and suffered a burst vertebra making him 1.5 inches shorter. It was at this time facing approximately 3 years of rehabilitation and daily extensive pain he began using marijuana rather than the highly addictive opioids. While he continued the use of marijuana recreationally, he has stopped the use for the campaign run. His campaign run with Bell Weld has no large donors and has approximately 8 Million dollars all from small dollar donations. Compare this to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump who have well over 200 million with numerous large donors in their campaigns. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is now spending over 15 million dollars attacking Gary Johnson and Bill Weld now. Even the president, vice president, and Tim Kane are speaking out against them now. Who would have thought they could even get to where they are now considering they are not well known and are cut out of the debates and many polls allowing them the exposure they require. They get no Secret Service protection and are not afforded the luxury of the Intelligence briefings that Clinton and Trump both receive. They travel by Southwest air, no private jets, and usually stay in Motel 6 and user Uber to get around. Their campaign is without a doubt is getting the biggest bang for their buck.

    Gary Johnson’s vice president selection was Bill Weld of Massachusetts who himself was a 2 term Governor of the state of Massachusetts. He also was a republican that won election and re-election by the largest victory ever in the 80% Democratic state. Bill Weld has been described by other governor’s and Bill and Hillary Clinton as a brilliant man and he was even chosen by Bill Clinton to be the Ambassador to Mexico. Bill Weld was denied this position due to his liberal social beliefs by Republican Jesse Helms who was the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Bill Weld withdrew his nomination.

    Gary and Bill’s first promise is to have a balanced budget submitted to congress within the first 100 days of being in office. They will start the cutting right off the bat working as a team with only one staff shared by both of them. Gary often refers to this as two for the price of one as decisions will be made unilaterally. They believe that government should be fiscally conservative and socially liberal, in other words keep government out of your pocketbook and out of your bedroom.

    So the question begs to be asked is Gary Johnson, stupid, dumb, loopy, ignorant, a joker, dumber than a box of rocks, a braindead stoner, pothead, or just someone that you or your children should aspire to be living the American dream.

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  2. Did you perhaps mean “gaffes”?


  3. You misspelled ‘gaffe’. Now THAT’S irony.


  4. Very much enjoyed the article. I wish more Americans could here more of what they have to say.


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