It appears Stanton will be on stage with Rubio and Murphy in October debate

Deland, Florida — U.S. Senate candidate Paul Stanton learned Thursday he stands at nine


Libertarian Party of Florida U.S. Senate candidate Paul Stanton. Photo Credit: Stanton for U.S. Senate

percent in the second PPP three-way poll released this month. According to the Oct. 26, 2016, debate criteria, this showing qualifies the Libertarian candidate to be on stage that night at Broward College in South Florida. The official decision to Stanton’s inclusion will be determined after today, as polls have until today to conduct their polls on the race.

Stanton is running for incumbent Republican Marco Rubio’s seat in Florida, which is also being contested by Democrat Patrick Murphy and four other non-party affiliated candidates not included in Thursday’s poll. Stanton’s Thursday result follows his 10-percent showing earlier this month after his victory in Florida’s first statewide Libertarian primary. Stanton now awaits the official invitation to the October 26, 2016, debate.

“I am pleased to see the message of peace and liberty is resonating with Florida voters,” Stanton said when hearing the news. “As it appears this poll meets the criteria set forth by Leadership Florida for the Oct. 26 debate, I am confident they will make the right decision and let Floridians hear from the three leading candidates.”

Thursday’s PPP poll broke down the results by age group, gender, and race. With the Hispanic electorate, Stanton drew 18 percent of the 826 people polled—just 12 percent behind Rubio. In a sign that Stanton is pulling support from both establishment candidates, he nabbed 9% of registered Democrats and 6% of registered Republicans. He also polled at 15% with the all-important Independent/Other Party category.

With millennial voters (aged 18 to 29), Stanton’s results mirror Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s numbers in that he is drawing 19 percent of those polled, while Rubio draws 29 percent and Murphy 28 percent.

“Millennials grew up with their country at war and I think they are especially ready for a message of peace and liberty,” Stanton said after reviewing the numbers. “Unlike some of their parents, they are not held down by blind party loyalty.”

Rubio and Murphy both accepted debate invitations earlier this month to the Oct. 26 event at Broward College, which will be hosted by Leadership Florida and the Florida Press Association. The debate criteria states that a candidate must reach a 12.5-percent mark in an “independent, reputable poll of at least 815 likely Florida voters”, which Thursday’s poll fits. A margin of error is allowed to be factored in at a 3.5-percent clip—which qualifies Stanton.

The Stanton campaign has been in contact with representatives from both Leadership Florida and the Florida Press Association and is awaiting confirmation this poll can be used to qualify him for the October 26, 2016, debate against Rubio and Murphy.

Stanton was in Palm Beach County Sunday evening attending a party to support Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson. Stanton spoke to the crowd about his experience while in the military and why he is the peace candidate in the race.

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