Liberty Tour 2016 hits the road; will visit 40 states before election day

Salt Lake City, Utah —  The Liberty Tour 2016, a national bus tour, kicked off this week inliberty-tour-2016.jpg Las Vegas and is on the road to expand awareness regarding third party inclusion in national presidential debates. The tour will make planned stops in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado in the coming week. By election day, the national tour will have visited 40 states.

Spurred by polls that show 76% of voters nationwide want all the viable candidates represented on the presidential debate stage, not just the two representing the parties controlling the Debate Commission, the Liberty Tour’s mission is to rally and engage voters nationwide to prioritize ideals of liberty, whether in the ballot box or in any other aspect of one’s life.

The Liberty Tour is a traveling campaign of the Our America Initiative’s (OAI), a 501c(4) libertarian policy advocacy organization. OAI’s priorities include spreading the message of liberty and libertarian thought, a lawsuit to prevent the Commission on Presidential Debates from using arbitrary criteria to protect the commission’s members – the Republicans and Democrats – from competition in the debates. OAI is pushing for a fairer criterion for debate inclusion; entailing qualification on enough state ballots to theoretically earn 50% of the electoral votes for victory.

“This year’s presidential election highlights the inherent inequity third-party candidates face in gaining access to official presidential debates,” stated Kelly Casaday, executive director of the Our America Initiative. “When the majority of Americans are voicing their concerns regarding this exclusion, we must continue to take our fight for liberty to the streets, or in this case, the road. The voices that want a viable alternative in this year’s election need to be heard and a national road tour is one way to continue to fight for liberty and equal access to the national political narrative.” Throughout the Liberty Tour, guest speakers will include Daily Clout’s Naomi Wolf, Free the People’s Matt Kibbe, Release Your Inner Company’s John Chisholm, former Democrat National Committee Press Secretary Terry Michael, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s Neill Franklin, Tenth Amendment Center’s Michael Boldin, Conscious Capitalism’s Alex McCobin, Reason Foundation’s David Nott, Foundation for Economic Education’s Jeffrey Tucker, the LP’s Carla Howell, ViceLand’s Travis Irvine, We the Internet’s Lou Perez, comedian Jeremy McLellan, former AG and now Over-Criminalization advocate Ken Abraham, Republican Liberty Caucus’ Ed Lopez and Liz Mair, surprise celebrities from Fox News and local politicians, William Weld and OAI Founder Governor Gary Johnson.

A special kickoff event/public open house will be held in Salt Lake City onFriday, September 30th from 5-8:00pm at the American International School of Utah, 4998 South 360 West in Murray. Special guests include Matt Kibbe, former head of Freedomworks and current president of “Free The People,” Ed Lopez and Travis Irvine. Members of the public are invited to attend and discuss the Liberty Tour movement with our special guests.

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