Our America Initiative endorses 2016 marijuana ballot initiatives

Salt Lake City, Utah — Seven states are poised to continue the decade-long repeal of marijuana prohibition, and Our America Initiative (OAI) has endorsed each of them for this November’s ballot.


In a statement, Charles Frohman, COO of Our America, said,

“Building on the decrease in crime and increase in jobs in the two states – Colorado and Washington – that repealed marijuana prohibition two years ago – Our America, a 501c(4) grassroots advocacy organization, hopes for similar legalization this Fall in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Maine. Citizens are accustomed to state laws where alcohol is legal, yet taxed and regulated. Marijuana should be treated similarly, not worse.

“Short of treating cannabis like wine for tax and regulatory purposes, most states on this topic have legalized it only for serious medical conditions. Any step towards liberty is worthy of support in any market, including health. OAI supports the medical marijuana initiatives this Fall in Florida and Montana. Under those initiatives, patients would apply to the Health Department for a license to purchase medical-grade cannabis from a doctor licensed for such treatments. Without marijuana patients are left with just pharmaceuticals as options for health issues. Doctors need discretion on helping patients.

“Our America is sponsoring a national Tour to educate voters about liberty, hoping they make an informed decision at the polls, for candidates as well as Initiatives – like the ones liberalizing cannabis law. The Tour kicked off Monday night in Vegas, loops around the West, and then heads East to protest exclusion of third party candidates at the St. Louis Debate October 9th.”

OAI was founded in 2009 by Governor Gary Johnson, who is the 2016 Libertarian Party presidential nominee. Currently, OAI has as its honorary chair Judge James P. Gray (Ret.).

Our America Initiative is a cosponsor of United For Care, an initiative for the 2016 ballot to legalize medical marijuana for patients with debilitating conditions. The initiative was defeated in 2014. The 2016 ballot initiative language is stronger, but still needs 60% vote to pass and will be on the ballot for Floridians to decide this coming November 2016.

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