Jason Vale to share stage with Tony Robbins during London’s National Achievers Congress next month

London, England — A green deluge of followers can vouch that Jason Vale’s juices and


Jason Vale – The Juice Master

forward thinking literally changed their lives. Success Resources just infused a health boost with the addition of Jason Vale to this year’s National Achievers Congress, taking place from October 22-23, 2016, at the ExCeL in London.


Publicly known as The Juice Master, Jason Vale is considered an authority on health and organic juices and smoothies. Jason has sold over 3 million books and over 1 million bestselling apps. The creator of the lauded documentary ‘Super Juice Me!’ is also the one behind ‘Juicy Business Empire’. Jason’s ventures include health retreats, a juice delivery business, and a Juice Master nutritional study course, alongside his own brand of energy bars and supplements.

Jason is the man who practices what he preaches and according to his own testimony, juicing changed his life. From an obese individual with torturous health conditions such as severe psoriasis and asthma, he remodelled himself into a slim, vivacious person who can move mountains.

According to Jason, improving your health is your first step to success. Again, he gives his own story as an example. He used to smoke about 3 packets of cigarettes a day and drank up to 14 pints of lager a day.  Then juicing came into the picture and changed the entire landscape, alongside the individual in it.

It was the push that put everything in motion. From there on, Jason began to develop a new mentality and a more fulfilling approach to life. The Juice Master was born.

Currently, Jason Vale, known as Britain’s response to Tony Robbins, will actually share the stage with Tony Robbins, considered the World’s Premier Life and Business Strategist. It will be interesting to see how Jason’s doctrine of successful healthy living will consolidate the other.

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