Commission on Presidential Debates deny Johnson a place on first debate stage even though that is what a majority of Americans want to see

It was announced yesterday, September 16, 2016, that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein did not meet one of the criteria to qualify to participate in the September 26, 2016, presidential debate with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The private, Democrat and Republican-controlled Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced that only Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be allowed on the stage for the first presidential debate. This, even though a majority of Americans want Johnson to be in the debates.gary_johnson_2012-jpeg

Johnson said in response to the news, “I would say I’m shocked…but I’m not. Bill and I know the game is rigged. We wouldn’t have begun this fight if we didn’t know what is at stake.”

Challenging the rigged game is Johnson is running. The debate masters are ignoring the 62% of America that is tired of the nasty Republican vs. Democrat circus and want to hear other voices in the debates. Even though they are ignoring the vast majority of America, many polls show us to be well above 15% in several key states. Johnson, along with Clinton and Trump are the only presidential candidates who are on the ballot in all 50 states. Stein has qualified to be on the ballot in enough states to have an electoral win.

Why are people turning away from the political process? Because those who write the rules think they know what is best for America more than the people do.

Yesterday, the media is reporting that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going to spend tens of millions of dollars to “win over” Johnson and Stein supporters.

Johnson also said yesterday:

“There will be more debates. There will be more polls. And we fully intend to fight our way onto the stage in the second debate. Bill Weld and I did not become successful two-term governors by letting special interests stop us.

Am I disappointed by the CPD’s decision? Absolutely. Am I discouraged? No way.
With millions of supporters like you, this decision is just a testament to why we started fighting in the first place.”



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