Gary Johnson is polling higher than Perot in pre-1992 debates

Salt Lake City, Utah — In an op-ed published in today’s Wall Street Journal, Johnson Weld


2016 campaign manager Ron Nielson notes the historical precedent set by 1992’s Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) when Ross Perot was invited to participate in the CPD-sponsored nationally-televised debates.

Perot was invited to participate with poll numbers between 8-10% — well below the current published numbers of Gov. Gary Johnson .

“Texas billionaire Ross Perot had a third seat at the commission’s 1992 debates. At the time, Perot was polling around 8%, according to a Times Mirror poll.” Gallup as well had Perot polling below 10% at the time that the CPD extended their invitation to participate in the presidential debates.

This year, Nielson notes, “polling currently shows the Johnson-Weld campaign at 13% according to a recent Quinnipiac University study, 12% on the Sept 2 IBD/TIPP survey and around 10% with the sanctioned CPD polls.”

Also, Johnson-Weld support reaches 15% or higher in 15 states, according to a Washington Post survey.

In the WSJ op-ed, Nielson reminds that the CPD’s stated “primary purpose is to ‘provide the best possible information to viewers and listeners’ through presidential and vice-presidential debates,” noting that it “plans to ignore a candidate whom 62% of American voters want to see in a debate, according to an August survey from Quinnipiac University.”

Concluded Nielson: “The debates are a national platform that Americans need to evaluate presidential character, honesty, and temperament on stage. For millions of Americans, it will be the first time that they deeply study their choices for president. But why should debates serve only the interests of two parties, especially when a 38% plurality of Americans identify as political independents? Unless viable third-party candidates are included, the views of millions of Americans will go unrepresented.”

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