Cinkciarz prepares the world’s first currency app for Microsoft Hololens

Cinkciarz will confirm its avant-garde position in the financial technology market, bycinkciarz being the first in the world to develop a currency app for Microsoft Hololens. This piece of hardware, available only in the USA and Canada, is already at the company’s headquarters in Zielona Gora, and a team of experts is currently working on the software.

The company announced its ambitious plans only a day after Microsoft’s most recent update, and third this year, for Hololens was released. The improvements made yesterday fixed the 4K rendering and updated the security of internet browsers that run on the device. Cinkciarz will use the most recent software-in-development using Hololens, which is still very rare in Europe. By doing so, the Polish company will join the world’s most innovative companies, e.g. JPL NASA and Swedish Volvo, that also prepare apps for the state-of-the-art equipment.

Microsoft Hololens are innovative glasses, which are called a mixed-reality device by the creators. The device shortens the distance between technologies of virtual and augmented realities (VR and AR), by offering its users a unique possibility to display holographic projections as one of its qualities. The commenters involved with the new technology, are unanimous regarding the Hololens’ high production quality, which has a combination of an impressive resolution of the displayed holograms, a perfect surround sound system and easy, user-friendly controls. A journalist from, when describing his experience, suggested last week that Hololens might just be the future of the data processing. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a NASA research facility that was mentioned above, uses Hololens for its educational projects. Its participants are shown a science presentation, showing a photo-realistic surface of Mars. The Swedish producer of cars, Volvo, has used the device in the process of projecting the safety systems for their automobiles. Now, this prestigious group of pioneers of new technologies will be joined by the Polish online currency exchange company. What functions for Hololens will be prepared by its developers?

A dim viewfinder of the innovative cyber glasses, running on the operational system Windows 10, can display the projections in 2D and 3D. This enables projecting complicated, spacious objects, as well as pinning a text editor, email client or an internet browser in the user space. The Cinkciarz currency app is for the user of a group of solutions that will enable projection of a workspace hologram. With the app’s help, Microsoft Hololens users will be able to access the current exchange rates at any given time. The developers announce the transferring of most tested features from the popular currency app for Windows Phone.

What are the motives of this Polish online currency exchange leaders’ involvement with a virtual reality project? – Recent years were the time of consolidation of Cinkciarz’s pioneer position in the fintech market. Thanks to a methodical, multidirectional growth, we’re able to offer our users access to our currency exchange services using state-of-the-art technologies. Experiences from developing our apps to AR devices, such as Google Glass or Recon Jet, enabled us to create an efficient and easy to use solution for one of the most promising pieces of hardware of recent years – Microsoft Hololens – explained Kamil Sahaj, CMO, Cinkciarz.

The release date of the consumer version of Microsoft Hololens has yet to be announced. The development version, dedicated for programmers and developers, is currently available only in the United States and Canada. A single purchase via the Microsoft website is limited to up to 5 devices, which cost 3 thousand dollars each. Experts in the technology market noticed that despite its high price, the device is innovative and exciting enough for Microsoft Hololens to be an anticipated hit, even before setting the release date for the consumer version.

Cinkciarz is a repeat winner of the global Bloomberg Rankings. The currency exchange company was named Player of the Year 2016 by Forbes magazine. The CEO of Cinkciarz, Marcin Pioro, was awarded Best Manager 2015 by Bloomberg Businessweek Poland. Reuters described the company as dominant in the Polish currency exchange market. The event that gathered the most attention from the media was the signing of the sponsorship contract with the NBA team, the Chicago Bulls.

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