Cigar Review: Synergy Golden Circle Churchill

Today, September 16, 2016, we continue our review of heavily discounted cigars and this will likely be out last as the bulk of the cigars we’ve tried have been…well…awful! We tried the Synergy Golden Circle Churchill today which started off well and ended not wanting any more.

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Synergy’s Golden Circle cigar has a good-looking wrapper and for a Churchill a bit light in weight. The smoke took only about 45 minutes, which again, for a Churchill is very short. There was little taste throughout the cigar and made me feel like I was only smoking a cigarette, not a pleasurable experience. The cigar also burned unevenly almost throughout the entire smoke (see the pictures above). From the very beginning to the very end, the cigar was unevenly burning even after I thought I corrected the problem mid-way into the smoke.

On the positive side, the Golden Circle had a nice draw and was very smooth, but without much taste. I could go on, but what is the point. My only advice to anyone reading this is not to buy the deeply discounted cigar sampler packs. You think you’re getting a good deal; however, in reality, you are wasting your time. Best to save your money to buy quality sticks from reputable cigar houses.

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