Breaking 100-year tradition, conservative newspaper endorses Johnson instead of GOP nominee

Yesterday, September 15, 2016, Joseph McQuaid, New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher, wrote an editorial suggesting his readers not vote for Republican Donald Trump and instead vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson. He said, “No need to hold your nose.” The editorial (which can be read below in full) comes a day after his newspaper officially endorsed Gary Johnson, breaking a 100-year tradition of endorsing Republicans for President of the United States.gary-johnson

McQuaid’s “hold your nose” reference is one coined in 1972 by Union Leader Publisher of the time William Loeb where the thought was even though you don’t like the candidate, it’s better for the Republican Party as a whole. The phrase has been used countless times since as both Democrats and Republicans, not happy with their choices on the ballot, vote down their party lines none-the-less, often voting against a candidate rather than for a candidate. This is being born out this election as we wrote yesterday concerning a poll showing most Americans are doing just that — voting against, rather than for a candidate.

McQuaid is advising his readers and American voters not to vote the lesser of two evils this election, but rather for Libertarian Gary Johnson. Calling Republican Donald Trump a liar, a bully, and a buffoon, there is no way he is able to recommend Americans to vote for Trump. McQuaid does not mention Democrat Hillary Clinton in his editorial at all.

Here is New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher Joseph McQuaid’s editorial as it appeared in his paper:

A joke on the Internet: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are together in a lifeboat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. No land in sight. No ships in sight.

Question: Who survives?

Answer: The American people.

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In 1972, Union Leader Publisher William Loeb found himself having to recommend either President Richard Nixon or challenger George McGovern.

Loeb’s advice: Hold your nose and vote for Nixon.

At least Loeb had a choice between two capable, if flawed, candidates. Godson of one President and personal friend to another, Loeb would not envy the choice America faces today between a selfish, self-centered, sanctimonious prig and Donald J. Trump.

Voters leaning toward Trump are understandably fed up with the status quo, of which Clinton is a prime example. But they kid themselves if they think Trump isn’t pretty much a part of that status quo as well, or that he is in any way qualified to competently lead this nation.

The man is a liar, a bully, a buffoon. He denigrates any individual or group that displeases him. He has dishonored military veterans and their families, made fun of the physically frail, and changed political views almost as often as he has changed wives.

Americans are being told that we have to choose the lesser of two evils. No, we don’t.

Libertarians Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are on the ballot in all 50 states. Their records (as Republican governors in politically-divided states) speak well of them. They would be worth considering under many circumstances. In today’s dark times, they are a bright light of hope and reason. The Union Leader and Sunday News endorse them.


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