Dr. Deepak Chopra to bring life-size HumaGram™ technology to Jiyo in partnership with ARHT Media and NetDragon

New York — Last week renowned physician, well-being expert, and New York Times best-selling author Dr. Deepak Chopra announces a partnership between Jiyo, his brand-new wellness platform, and ARHT Media Inc. in collaboration with NetDragon. Together, the brands will be introducing HumaGrams™ to the health and wellness space.jiyo_logo

HumaGrams are life-size photo-realistic digital representations of people, projected using ARHT’s patent-pending Augmented Reality Holographic Technology, capable of eliminating time and geography by allowing a speaker to appear in front of an audience as a hologram in real-time for a two-way interaction, without having the need to physically be there.

Dr. Chopra will launch the partnership live on September 9, 2016, via his own HumaGram at his Sages & Scientists symposium at The Beverly Wilshire hotel in Los Angeles, California, which took place through September 11th, 2016.

With the advent of HumaGrams in the health and wellness space, individuals can now be beamed into virtually any location around the world using the public Internet, and can interact with multiple audiences in multiple locations in real-time opening up endless boundaries for greater engagement and collaboration. The use of this technology will bring the insights of key thought leaders to the masses while fusing the online with the offline. Jiyo users will be able to access a schedule of lectures, meditations, and workshops around the world where a HumaGram of these experts will be available to interact with them.

“HumaGrams brings us one step closer to our goal of impacting 1 billion lives around the world, said Dr. Chopra. “We will be able to touch multiple communities at once with these immersive experiences and create a synergy that leads to a greater societal transformation. This is the future of wellness and technology.”

Recently launched this past June, Jiyo is a wellbeing platform intended to be a personal companion to enable personal transformation. Jiyo focuses on five pillars of wellness including personal growth, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and relationships. The platform aims to take a 360-degree approach to wellbeing, offering curated video content and insights from leading global experts including Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, Kimberly Snyder, Eddie Stern and Tara Stiles. Wellbeing communities are a key feature of the platform, as support groups enable users to achieve their goals, and with the addition of HumaGram, users will have endless opportunities to gain knowledge from wellness leaders worldwide.

“We are pleased to introduce our technology into the health and wellness space, especially in partnership with such a great and dynamic individual as Dr. Chopra. HumaGrams can play a very important role in facilitating connections between communities who were in the past restricted by physical limitations such as distance and time. With our technology we can truly move towards bringing multiple communities together from all over the globe,” said Paul Duffy CEO of ARHT Media Inc.

ARHT Media’s HumaGram technology has previously been used with well-known public figures such as best-selling author Tony Robbins and television host Larry King.

Dr. Simon Leung of NetDragon said, “With our investment in ARHT Media’s technology and our collective collaboration with Jiyo and Dr. Chopra, we again move a great leap forward in helping build even larger communities focused on knowledge sharing, and continue to bring world-class subject matter experts to people who in the past may not have been able to easily access them.”

NetDragon is a major shareholder in ARHT and together they have a joint venture in Asia that includes a multi-year exclusive license of ARHT’s technology as well as a license of NetDragon’s mobile-focused community, instant messaging and app store technologies. NetDragon continues to unlock a network of opportunities for the use of HumaGrams™, and its supporting technologies to millions of people globally.

Jiyo is a comprehensive digital platform that allows users to engage, learn, and interact with a diverse range of information, articles, videos, and reminders that help them to be their best selves. Jiyo’s intuitive technology tracks users’ behavior and then offers insights and suggestions based on their habits. This kind of 360-degree wellness covers exercise, meditation, relationships, finances, and finding purpose in the everyday. Besides useful content and encouraging reminders, Jiyo is also committed to fostering community, connecting users to world leaders and experts on wellbeing and allowing them to create bonds with like-minded people who use the platform. Jiyo’s aim is to make users more aware, identify their unique sets of strengths, and create a pathway to making every moment of life count.

The author of more than 80 books translated in over 43 languages, including 22 New York Times bestsellers, Dr. Chopra holds a professorship at the University of California, San Diego’s medical school and co-founded The Chopra Center, the premier provider of experiences, education, teacher trainings and products that improve the health and wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. The Chopra Center provides an integrative approach to total well-being through self-awareness and the practice of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda and collaboration with visionaries, scientists, pioneers, physicians and industry experts to educate and inspire seekers from around the globe to better their lives and the lives of those around them. The World Post and The Huffington Post global internet survey ranked Dr. Chopra #17 in Influential Thinkers in the world and #1 in Medicine.

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