Most Florida Libertarians had little trouble voting in primary but a few weren’t so lucky

Tallahassee, Fla — Yesterday, August 30, 2016, Libertarian voters in Florida went to vote for their U.S. Senate candidate and a few had some issues. It was the first U.S. Senate primary for Libertarians in Florida, though it is more common in other states with easier ballot access laws.

The problems were that some poll workers were confused which ballot to give registered Libertarian Party voters. An elected local office holder and registered Libertarian Party voter in Delray Beach was given a non-partisan (no party affiliation) ballot instead of a Libertarian Party ballot. Fortunate for him, he caught it in time to make the change, otherwise, he would not have been able to vote for either Libertarian Party U.S. Senate candidate, Augustus Invictus or Paul Stanton.

In another case, this time in Broward County, Richard Meier, was not so fortunate and described his experience this way:

“I went to vote this afternoon at Coral Springs Middle School and I asked for the libertarian ballot I was given a non partisan ballot and they said this is it. I looked it over I did not see the senate race of Stanton Vs Invictus. I thought it was strange because I asked for my party’s ballot and was given this one. They assured me it was the right ballot and that was it. My ballot was submitted but then after the fact, they found my ballot under one of the tables in a cardboard box; then they realized what they did. I called the supervisor of elections, they apologized but they couldn’t do anything. They said, ‘well I hope your guy wins.’ I was not happy but did not want to cause a scene. I left and called NBC 6 and Help me Howard. I know its a running joke that people in Florida can’t vote, let alone in Broward county.”

Another registered Florida Libertarian had to insist on a Libertarian Party ballot and yet again, the poll worker rustled around finding the ballot under her table. So, at least one Libertarian ballot was not counted and, according to Meier, the Broward County SOE didn’t seem to care. If there are any other Florida Libertarian that had trouble voting yesterday, please send an email with your experience at



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