Libertarian Adrian Wyllie releases dystopian thriller, cautionary tale

Palm Harbor, Fla — August 31, 2016 — As the 2014 Libertarian candidate for Florida Governor, Adrian Wyllie crusaded against what he calls “government invasions of privacy and a growing police state.”  Nearly a quarter-million Floridians took those warnings seriously enough to cast a vote for him.

This week, Wyllie continued his crusade with the release of his debut novel, The Cassandra Trigger, a fast-paced dystopian thriller and thinly-veiled cautionary tale.  wyllie-cassandra-trigger

Unlike most fiction of the genre, The Cassandra Trigger avoids typical post-apocalyptic clichés.  It instead portrays a realistic, yet very disturbing vision of a modern police state, as witnessed through the eyes of an ordinary American.  Wyllie draws on his experience as an IT professional and privacy advocate to craft an immersive and plausible future landscape, comprised of minor advances to existing real-world technologies.

More disturbing still is the book’s portrayal of the brutal and oppressive government response to widespread poverty and unrest, much of which seems to mirror today’s headlines.

Set in the year 2028, The Cassandra Trigger tells the story of the MacFarlane family, a typical working-class family of four in Killeen, Texas.  Their small act of civil disobedience evolves into a violent encounter with federal agents, forcing them to leave their lives behind in a desperate attempt to escape across the border.  Frantically trying to evade the technology of tyranny, they are sheltered by compassionate strangers who are willing to risk everything to help them.

When their paths cross with a group of revolutionary computer hackers, they unknowingly become the catalyst for a long-simmering insurgency, which holds their fate — and the fate of America — the balance.

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