Where are South Florida Libertarians going to be over the next month

We thought we’d compile a list of upcoming events that would be of interest to Libertarians living in South Florida over the next month or so. If you do not see your event in our listing, please shoot an email to (info) (at) (palmbeachfreepress) (dot) (com)

Now through August 30: U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Invictus money bomb. Invictus is fundraising via a money bomb on his campaign website. See here for more information.

August 25: FairTax Webinar (online). Although controversial in the Libertarian community, LP presidential nominee Gary Johnson is promoting the FairTax, so here is a webinar to help those not familiar with the plan.

August 27: Community Day Food Bank, Riviera Beach, Florida

August 28: Boca Raton Discussion Group. This is not a Libertarian event or even a political event; however, it is a general topic discussion group where politics are discussed and a fair amount of participants are Libertarian or Libertarian leaning.

August 30: Occupy the Primary event to promote the Libertarian Party of Florida and presidential nominee Gary Johnson. This is an all day event which seeks volunteers to spend a couple hours during primary day to hand out information to voters leaving the polls. More information is available here.

August 30: Voting for Libertarian U.S. Senate candidates – either Augustus Invictus or Paul Stanton. Additionally, the Libertarian Party of Florida has endorsed Amendment 4 (the solar amendment) which will be on the primary ballot for all voters. Lastly, there will be some local issues/questions on many voters’ ballots. Research your sample ballot so you are an educated voter as you head to the polls on primary day!

August 30: Libertarian social in the Florida Keys. Join other freedom fighters in Key West to discuss the day’s primary.

August 31: Palm Beach Tech Meetup in Boca Raton, Florida. Come listen to and participate in a discussion about modernizing medicine featuring Microsoft lead developer Rey Bango.

September 10 through 11: The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County will have an outreach booth at the South Florida Gun Show in West Palm Beach. The local party is seeking volunteers for 2-4 hour increments.

September 12: For the Love of Freedom with Adam Kokesh in Miami. Adam Kokesh will be in Miami fielding volunteers for when and if he runs for President of the United States in 2020.

September 13: Boca Raton Discussion Group. As noted above from August 28, this discussion group would be of interest to Libertarians.

September 17:  International Coastal Cleanup in West Palm Beach, Florida.

September 17: Learn how to start and maintain an urban garden for self-sufficiency. Mounts Botanical Gardens in West Palm Beach, Florida.

September 17: Defending the 2nd Amendment hosted by Open Carry Broward. This Coral Gables, Florida event will discuss the 2nd Amendment as well as ways to impeach Miguel Diaz De La Portilla.

September 17: Beach Cleanup in Delray Beach.

September 20: Lawrence Reed of FEE will be speaking in Miami, Florida.

September 20: Firearm introduction training for women in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

September 25: The Third Party Party (Part 2) with a focus on Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson. In Lake Worth, Florida at the Propaganda Bar, this will be part two of three events the bar owner is assembling to educate patrons about third party candidates.

September 25: For those not able to make it to Lake Worth, perhaps Boca Raton is more your speed. If so, and if you’re familiar with the term BureauCrash, then check out The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence. If you plan to bureaucrash this event, please contact Karl Dickey at (karldickey) (at) (gmail.com).

September 27: The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County will have its regular business meeting and social. This time, it will be held in Lake Worth, Florida in the private room of Brogues Downunder.


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