NRA will not consider hardcore gun activist for endorsement because she’s a Libertarian

Parker, Colorado — Today, August 20, 2016, we learn that Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate for Colorado, Lily Williams will not even be considered for endorsement by the NRA (National Rifle Association) because she is running as a Libertarian. They will not even send her a questionnaire to rate her on her stand on the Second Amendment. We have asked the NRA for a statement on the matter; however, they have failed to respond in time for publication.

The move simply provides more evidence that the NRA is part of the two party duopoly system which is why so many have been moving away from the NRA and toward other gun rights organizations such as the Gun Owners of America.

Here is how Williams tells of her interaction with the NRA:

NRA has told me on the phone that they will not send me a questionnaire to rate me on 2nd Amendment issue even though they know where I stand based on my web site simply because I am the Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate.

It does not matter over 1.2 million people have seen my famous AR-15 photo, or I published my article “Guns against Tyranny” on National Review online, or I testified so many times to oppose gun control bills, or I am the Chinese immigrant who truly appreciates my newly founded right to bear firearms in my new country. See my positions on my web

They told me it is their policy not to rate or endorse any third party candidates. Even though the largest voters now in the country and my state of Colorado are the independents who are fed up with the two party system that is corrupt and they want to hear from all the candidates whose names will be on the ballot, but NRA continues its partisan politics and deprives people’s choices. This is UNAMERICAN. Party membership trumps individual qualifications.

I decided today to become a life member of GOA (Gun Owners of America) who actually cares about my views on gun issues instead of which party (a private club) I belong. I will leave NRA once my membership expires and I will not give them any more of my money to support their establishment partisan politics.

I urge you to call them, the number is 800-392-8683. I hope they will listen to their members and change their policy if there is enough outrage. This is the right way to get things done this country if you are an active citizen. Every organization cares about their bottom line. Free market works if there are choices and competition. I chose GOA and I will give my money to them.


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