‘Mobile’ gun-free zones leave gun owners defenseless


Washington, D.C. — Through the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is supposed to guarantee one’s right to carry a firearm and that right is not to be infringed. As we know, this is not the case in modern America as there are a myriad of federal and state regulations put on Americans which can be confusing when going from state-to-state. For example, a Virginia resident who carries a firearm would need to change his or her travel plans going to Pennsylvania for fear of being stopped in Maryland, a notorious anti-gun state. In fact, Maryland police officers have reportedly stopped and detained a multitude of drivers in a search for guns in their private vehicles. The only other option is for travelers to leave their firearm at home, leaving them defenseless.

Anti-gun jurisdictions scare many law-abiding gun owners into leaving their guns at home. But doing that means they become “mobile” gun-free zones. Everywhere they go, they’re rendered defenseless.

Some in Congress are working to have a national reciprocity bill so that states respect each others laws while Americans travel state-to-state. Rep. Marlin Stutzman is the sponsor of H.R. 923, a national reciprocity bill that has more than 100 cosponsors. This bill would protect the right of concealed carriers to bring firearms with them for self-defense as they travel.

And the bill is Constitutional Carry friendly, in that it does not force concealed carriers from permitless carry states to get licenses before they travel out of state. More and more Representatives are cosponsoring H.R. 923.  The number has doubled over the past several weeks.

It is important the bill gain more cosponsors, however, because the House leadership may bring up a reciprocity bill in the Fall. While there are other similar bills, only H.R. 923 protects citizens who live in Constitutional Carry states.

Gun-Free Zones are deadly.  And denying any person the benefits of carrying firearms for protection relegates him or her to traveling in a “mobile” Gun-Free Zone. It’s important that Congress pass this legislation … so that we can protect the rights of all concealed carriers … and eliminate every victim-disarmament zone in this country.

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