Gary Johnson receives major support in Miami at over-capacity rally

Miami, Florida — Yesterday, August 17, 2016, Libertarian Party presidential nominee


Photo Credit: Darlene Underwood

Governor Gary Johnson was in Miami for a rally at Florida International University and there were so many supporters, people had to be turned away. Even though the event was just planned five days ago, Johnson supporters came from across the state to see him. Johnson has tapped into a recent surge of support while Americans are tired of the choices the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are putting forth. And while 64 percent of Americans feel the nation is headed on a wrong track, they are seeking a new alternative than the political norms to get it headed in what a majority would like to see the “right direction.”


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Johnson was in town for various private events yesterday and for media interviews. Last night, he and his vice presidential nominee, Governor Bill Weld headlined perhaps one of the largest support rallys since their being nominated by members of the Libertarian Party back in late May 2016. The event was held at the Wertheim Performing Arts Center which had a capacity of 585 when well in excess of 700 people showed up to see the two governors. People turned away were in the outside rotunda watching the event on their smartphones as it was being live streamed to well over 7,000 on Facebook and on Periscope.

Johnson’s Florida Director, Jess Mears had only five days to organize the event and by all measures, the evening was a success. Besides the Palm Beach Free Press, there were other major national media as well as major local media at the event.

Johnson is on track to raise over $5 million in August and has already raised over $3 million so far this month. His poll numbers are climbing as well. Johnson needs to be at 15 percent in five specific polls to be included in the presidential debates which is key for the success of the campaign. Johnson has said several times that unless he is in the debates then this is all for naught.

Jamie Vargas, one of the attendees said, “There a very good chance I will vote Libertarian. Hillary is hundredfold preferable to the Clown but she lost my confidence a long, long time ago. ” R.J. Garbowicz said last night, “Let’s put it this way, Johnson/Weld is the best option we have. The Presidency isn’t a racist reality TV show nor an ABC made for TV executive branch corruption series. This is real life and these guys are real. They are


Gary Johnson greets supporters who were not allowed inside due to being over capacity. Photo Credit: Macy John

honest. They are moral.” Shawn Elliot of Vero Beach, Florida said, “The event started about 15 minutes late because Gary Johnson took it upon himself to walk out front of the auditorium and talk to the people that were unable to gain entrance. This man is pure class. He is a true man of the people. Approachable as anyone can be. If you want government to work as it should and unconstitutional laws to be a thing of the past, I urge you to Google Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party and get on board. He wouldn’t be running if he didn’t have a chance to win.” Another new supporter, Randy Barnaby said, “My head is about to explode from all the common sense.”


A common complaint heard throughout the evening is in how the mainstream media was not giving Johnson a fair shake. The overall sentiment was that most media will speak about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but leave Johnson out of the conversation, as if he’s some type of novelty not to be taken seriously.


Photo Credit: Ronald Rollins

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