Palm Beach Libertarians conduct survey and the results are surprising

Today, August 3, 2016, the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County released the results of a survey they conducted of those who are on their email list. It is important to note when reviewing the results that people on their email list are not all members of the Libertarian Party or registered to vote as a Libertarian.

All of the respondents are registered voters, yet just under 50 percent of them are registered Libertarian. The rest are 30 percent Republican, 10 percent Democrat and the remainder have registered to vote with no party affiliation (NPA). Sixty-four percent plan to vote in Florida’s August 30, 2016, primary while 23 percent are not sure and the remainder are not planning to vote in the primary. But those stats change dramatically when we discuss the general election where the next President of the United States will be elected. A full 95 percent will be voting in the general and only 5 percent will not be voting.

Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County chair, Shane George said, “I found it encouraging that over 75% surveyed said they are voting for Gary Johnson even though less than 50% responding to the survey are registered Libertarians. Some respondents suggested they will vote for Trump in order to prevent Hilary from winning. Voting for Trump, a far cry from a Libertarian or a Constitutionalist, is like voting for no change.”

Government spending, the economy, and taxes were the top three concerns for the respondents, in that order. Corporate welfare, education and cannabis legalization were the remaining three issues of importance.

For the first time in Libertarian Party of Florida history, there will be a primary for U.S. Senate amongst two Libertarian candidates — Augustus Invictus and Paul Stanton. Libertarian U.S. Senate candidates are not uncommon across the country, but this is a first for Florida. Surprisingly, a majority (51.28 percent) felt they were “not familiar with either of them to make an educated decision.” For those that did know of the two candidates, 36 percent were voting for Stanton, 2.56 percent for Invictus and 5 percent would not be voting in the primary and approximately 5 percent wanted someone other than the two qualified candidates.

Lastly, the survey asked respondents who they planned to vote for in the general election for President. Not surprisingly, over 75 percent are voting for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee Governor Gary Johnson. Again, keeping in mind that the respondents were not all Libertarians, Donald Trump received 20 percent, Clinton 2.5 percent and “other or not planning to vote” took the rest.


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