Johnson announces #15for15 money bomb to get in the presidential debates

Salt Lake City, Utah — Yesterday, August 2, 2016, Libertarian Party presidential nominee announced a new fundraising program aimed at getting him in the upcoming presidential debates. Johnson, who is polling between 10-13 percent nationally, needs to reach 15 percent in five polls to be included in the debates alongside Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.15for15-johnson

His new program, #15for15 directs supporters to send in the campaign at least $15 before August 15, 2016. The goal of the campaign is to raise $1.5 million by August 15, 2016, so the campaign can get their message out to more people.

Johnson said, “All Americans who are tired of the two-party stranglehold over our political discourse can send a powerful message by pledging to contribute today. In the last two weeks alone, we raised more than $1,000,000 from over 20,000 individual donors. Remember, the media focuses on fundraising and donor figures.”

gary-johnson19The other aspect of raising money, besides exposure, is that the establishment media tends to focus on how much a campaign has raised as a determining factor to their coverage of the candidate.

Johnson concluded, “All we need is for you to pledge a $15 contribution right now to send a message to the media, the Commission on Presidential Debates, and the pollsters: that we want Gary Johnson in the debates. Imagine Hillary and Donald having to debate real issues that matter to Americans instead of bickering about which one is worse than the other.”


It is key for Johnson to get in the presidential debates, as without that exposure, he stands little chance in having an impact on the 2016 presidential election.

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