Florida Libertarians open Bern Recovery Centers to help Bernie Sanders supporters cope with their loss

Bradenton, Fla — Tomorrow, July 30, 2016, Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) officials and volunteers will be helping disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters deal with their loss of Sanders’ presidential aspirations. Sanders lost to a rigged election process that coronated Hillary Clinton as the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee. Those Sanders supporters may find refuge with the Libertarian Party and their presidential nominee Governor Gary Johnson. To help move the conversation along, the LPF is setting up ‘Bern Recovery Centers‘ across the state to help Bernie supports with their political journey through the November 8, 2016, general election. The Bern Recovery Centers will be set up throughout the state starting tomorrow and will continue through the weekend and then again next weekend at many locations. Check this link later today for a Bern Recovery Center near you.


Here in Palm Beach County, Libertarian volunteers will be outside of tomorrow evening’s Dave Matthews Band concert starting at 10 p.m. giving out information about Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party. There is a lot to like for Bernie supporters to migrate over to supporting Johnson; from being anti-war, pro-cannabis legalization, pro-marriage equality, anti-corporate welfare and he wants to rid us of the Patriot Act once and for all.

Recently, the Libertarian Party and the Gary Johnson for President campaign has been courting disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters in an attempt to educate them as to where they agree with the Libertarian philosophy. For example, Johnson has put up this video showing how he is more in line with the ACLU than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Three days ago, the Libertarian Party sent out a press release that, among other things, stated:

But love is not born of force. Force is cold, impersonal, and offensive. And it doesn’t work.

In fact, government programs often hurt the very people they’re intended to help.

Real love is being committed not just to an ideal, but to what works. It requires opening one’s eyes to see the results that actions produce.

We must stop dishing out lucrative bailouts, handouts, and contracts to crony capitalists on the backs of hard-working, private-sector taxpayers.

We must end the War on Drugs to bring down high crimes rates that plague poor neighborhoods.”

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