Should a restaurant be forced to serve me?

One thing that has been discussed at length over the last several years is the idea that if a business is open to the public, should it have the right to deny service to any particular group in our society. The discussion has been focused on wedding cakes, photographers and same-sex weddings. There is a baker who recently petitioned the Supreme Court to be able to provide his services to only those he wants to do business with.

So, it got me to thinking about the multitude of ways various groups in our society are “discriminated” against on a regular basis, but no one says anything and no one is clamouring onto the court steps to right these supposed wrongs. For example, I am a hardcore vegan and definitely a hardcore Libertarian. As such, I personally feel that if a business wishes to discriminate against me, then it is their right to do so. I would not like it and feel it is an unwise business decision on their part, but I would accept

Let’s take it to real life examples. As a vegan for  21 years, I know there are certain restaurants, not many, that I will not find anything on the menu without dairy or meat. Keep in mind, that I have had no problems at a place like Morton’s Steakhouse, but many Mexican restaurants, as one example, are not very accommodating. Should I sue to force them to include at least one vegan item on their menu? Should every food festival be required to have at least one vegan restaurant? Some say yes, some say no, and others say it’s not the same as the gay marriage wedding cake controversy. What do you think? 

Next, as a Libertarian, I and many of my friends are constantly discriminated against in the press and other situations. But let’s take the press situation for a moment, for which I and others have volumes of proof that discrimination happens consistently and methodically at a tremendous cost to the general public. Libertarian candidates are regularly marginalized in the press even though they may be a more interesting candidate and even if they are polling well. Besides being of low journalistic integrity, it is also discriminatory. Now, as much as I truly hate this practice, I personally do not feel the press should be forced to cover my campaign, my political party, or anyone else’s campaign. They are a private business and yes, open for public consumption, but they have rights to cater to their audience, to have an opinion and stand by their principles. Do you feel they should be forced to cover Libertarian candidates equally alongside the Republican and Democratic party candidates so you get a better picture of all the qualified candidates in a particular race? What about the Green Party candidates and others?

Take this quick two question survey as we’d love to know what you think.

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  1. Good stuff Karl! Love your blog!


  2. Should a business be allowed to discriminate – absolutely yes. The government can no more tell me who to serve than they can tell me what I must say or print. We have the right to associate with whom-so-ever we choose. The government cannot compel us to associate with those we do not wish to do so. What happens if you have a business and refuse service for whatever reason? The government then comes along and tells you that you must serve those people whom you do not wish to serve. You refuse and the next thing that happens is serious aggression perpetrated against you from government agents. As libertarians, we have signed an oath to NOT initiate aggression so how can we possibly accept the initiation of aggression by government agents because we refuse to give up our right to association?

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