Politicians look for the exit after Trump and Clinton as nominees, find it in Johnson

Salt Lake City — Utah State Senator Mark Madsen is the latest elected politician who has announced his switch to gary-johnson15the Libertarian Party (LP) and his endorsement of Gary Johnson for president. Madsen is one of many leaving the older parties in favor of the LP due to their strong dissatisfaction of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump being their respective party presidential nominees.

Sen. Madsen held a press conference at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, July 25, 2016, in Salt Lake City, stating, “Today, I announce that I am joining the Libertarian Party and will support the Libertarian presidential ticket of Governor’s Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.” Johnson has been polling nationally between 10 – 13 percent.

 Madsen detailed his reasons in his remarks:

“Both parties use the government to pick winners and losers, in business, in healthcare, in the environment, in education, in every aspect of life. Both parties expand existing programs, create new programs and expand programs set to sunset even if the purpose is no longer needed. Differences among us are accentuated, and our core rights, enshrined in our constitution, rather than being upheld as inviolate, are too often seen as impediments to the expansion of the state.”

Senator Madsen was joined by Nebraska State Senator Laura Ebke and LibertarianNational Committee Chair, Nicholas Sarwark.

Senator Mark Madsen is now one of several elected officials to register Libertarian and/or endorse the ticket including, but not limited to:

Max Abramson – State Representative (NH)
Tom Campbell – Representative (CA)
Laura Ebke – State Senator (NE)
Dawson Hodgson – State Senator (RI)
Danny Jones – Mayor (Charleston, WV)
Jeff Kraus – Mayor (Bozeman, MT)
Nicholas Schwaderer – State Representative (MT)
Lisa Torraco – State Senator (NM)
Jesse Ventura – Governor (MN)
Daniel Zolnikov – State Representative (MT)

Senator Madsen is a sitting two-term state senator and former city council member from Eagle Mountain. His legislative record bears out his dedication to individual liberty. He has observed that the interests of bureaucratic agencies and the people rarely align. He believes in choice in health care and education. He is a champion of free trade and free market solutions.

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