Fun and flavor experimentation to escalate e-cigarette consumption

Fun and flavor experimentation are key elements driving tobacco innovation, paving the way for the electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) market to grow, according to consumer insight firm Canadean.Parts_of_an_Electronic_cigarette.png

The company’s latest report states that 55% of smokers worldwide smoke because tobacco makes them feel good and they enjoy it.

Canadean believes that consumers’ desire for self-indulgence and enjoyment can be targeted by e-cigarette manufacturers, as an emphasis on fun will help attract sensation-seekers. As a result, e-cigarettes will become an important category for formulating and positioning around pleasure, as they are easier to flavor than traditional cigarettes, and their versatility also encourages experimentation.

Furthermore, heavy taxation on cigarettes means that vaping liquids are often cheaper. Flavor innovation in traditional cigarettes will be more difficult, due to anti-smoking campaigns such as calls for bans on menthol capsule cigarettes.

Kirsty Nolan, Senior Analyst for Canadean, explains: “With e-cigarettes being a less regulated category and seen as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco, it becomes a promising category to explore should companies wish to tap further into the ’fun’ trend.

“For example, the Jukasa Dual Tank Pro E-Cigarette features a dual heating flavor chamber that can work independently to provide separate flavors, or simultaneously to blend two flavors, thus giving users the option to enjoy three flavors in one unit.”

E-Cigarette-Electronic_Cigarette-E-Cigs-E-Liquid-Vaping-Cloud_Chasing-Vaping_at_Work-Work_Vaping_(16163125107)The move to increasing numbers of consumers seeking fun products spans beyond the tobacco industry. Longer working hours and commutes, paired with a constant connection through social media, often leave consumers with the perception of having less time, which leads them to seek escapism through their consumption.

“Fun and novelty can facilitate moments of escapism for consumers, allowing them to momentarily relax ahead of their next challenge. Canadean expects demand for such products to continue to increase, as lifestyles are ever busier,” Nolan concludes.

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