Tony Robbins grads congregate in South Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE – On the heels of “I Am Not Your Guru,” two dozen graduates from Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Weekend (UPW) program gathered to plan the 5th Generation of the Florida Power Team. Members from all four previous generation were on hand and they created a path toward success.


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In the coming months they will be offering Skill Building Workshops, Interesting Speakers and Community Enhancement Opportunities. Each aspect will be handled by a separate committee and the Power Team is looking for more people to jump in with the creation process.

In attendance were also several participants in Tony Robbins’ Foundation Global Youth Leadership program. These teenagers brought a fresh perspective to the room and shared insight with youthful enthusiasm.

Rob Tamboia coordinated the event and Adam Ab Bricker was the MC of the interactive format that had everyone participating. The focus and purpose of this group will be discussed over the next month, please notify the Power Team if you would like to participate.

The meeting was held at The Maximum Potential Institute in side of City College in Fort Lauderdale. Matt Wahnon hosted the group in their facility… location, set up, and vibe. The is an established facility for skill development and we have been invited back for many more sessions.

For those interested in joining The Power Team on-line and also in person the 3rd Thursday of each month, with August 18, 2016 being the next event.

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