Florida House District 90 candidate responds to League of Women Voters’ candidate questions

artie-lurie2.jpgToday, July 20, 2016, Libertarian candidate for Florida House District 90, Artie Lurie responded to the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County’s candidate questions. The Libertarian Party of Florida candidate, an advocate for transparency, has been systematically publicly responding to the inquiries he gets from different organizations seeking his views on the issues affecting Floridians. A search of his opponent, Democrat Lori Berman has not found the same transparency. We look forward to when Berman posts her answers as openly as Lurie. There is no Republican in the race.

Here is what Lurie posted in full:

The answers to the following questions had to be summed up within 300 characters so I had to keep my answers brief. Pretty tough when each question was written from a big government perspective.

Question 1. Please describe your positions on the legislative responsibility for protecting the public interest in the Criminal Justice systems. Do you have any specific proposals for improvement?

Answer. Over the years the politicians passed laws that punish law abiding citizens for non-violent, victimless crimes. Let’s put an end to the nanny state and the war on drugs. Our streets will be safer and police can focus on catching the violent criminals who cause harm to our communities.

Question 2. Over 500,000 working poor Florida citizens remain without health insurance. Would you support accepting federal dollars to cover them? If not, what kind of plan do you support?

Answer. Government programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and Obamacare have caused the cost of healthcare to skyrocket to a point where it’s no longer affordable to low and middle-income families. We need to get the government out of healthcare so we can make it affordable and more accessible for everyone.

Question 3. An estimated 300,000 people in the U.S. have died from gun violence between 2004 and 2014. Here, at home in Orlando, the June 12 nightclub shooting saw 49 people killed, and 50 more wounded. What are your positions on universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons?

Answer. I believe that Gun control laws do the exact opposite of the very thing it is trying to accomplish, to keep people safe! Gun regulations and background checks disarm innocent law-abiding civilians while doing nothing to prevent the violent criminals from committing atrocities and mass shootings.

Question 4. What is your view on the State vs Local community responsibility for policy and funding of public education?

Answer. The only way to make it possible for every child to get a good education is to get the politicians out of the schooling business and put it back in the hands of parents and teachers. Let’s repeal the sales tax and cut property taxes in half so parents can use the money for the school they choose.

Question 5. South Florida is experiencing an alarming rise of sea level. What is your opinion about the current federal and state resources dedicated to this issue in the State and what actions will you take to further address this issue?

Answer. The government has never succeeded in keeping the environment safe. So what makes you think that the government is going to work any better at solving this issue? Programs like these should never get passed in the state legislature. It’s too costly to taxpayers and it never delivers on its promises.

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