Brodeur has tough road ahead with Edmonds as challenger in Florida House District 28 race

Florida House District 28 incumbent Republican Jason Brodeur will be facing NPA (No Party Affiliation) candidate Steve Edmonds in the general election this November 2016. Brodeur has a serious challenge on his hands as Edmonds has the appeal of liberals, libertarians, and many conservatives on his side. He has the ability to appeal to the liberal environmentalist and the conservative financial voters mostly, but not exclusively due to his Hemp4Water plan which would be a boon for farmers and the State of Florida.


Steven Edmonds running for Florida House District 28

Edmonds wants the state of Florida to be a global model for water management and sustainability. He intends to use his elective position in Tallahassee to get that ball rolling. Edmonds said earlier today, July 20, 2016, “The main priority of my platform is water, particularly the management and control of storm water. I would like to build an infrastructure that can capture, clean, and redistribute storm water resources so that we can be a world leader in water management………How do you pay for that? Hemp4Water begins that discussion. Revenues from a $10 billion/year crop could fund a lot of improvements.”

Brodeur doesn’t have any issues like Edmonds is talking about on his website and a review of his voting record shows some inconsistencies with the rhetoric on his campaign issues. For instance, conservatives should be concerned he voted in favor of the largest Florida budget in the state’s history but claims his desire to “stop spending.” If Brodeur is interested in decreasing state government spending then perhaps he needs to stop voting to increase the spending. Brodeur isn’t all bad from a conservative and liberal point of view; after all, he hates red light cameras, is positive on open carry and he doesn’t mind you driving 75 miles per hour on certain highways in the state. But, clearly Edmonds would also be in favor of those, so perhaps it’s time for a change for Seminole County voters to consider someone other than a Republican for House District 28.

The district is mostly Republican; however, not by a large amount. If Edmonds can get the Democrat and NPA voters on his side he could be on his way to Tallahassee representing the people of District 28. As well, there are many Republicans who are seeking refuge from the old party and could jump ship to tip the scales in his favor.

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