Veteran Republican strategist Roger Stone will sign his Clinton book in Cleveland today at Barnes and Noble

Longtime Trump Advisor Roger Stone, who served as Donald Trump’s Presidential Exploratory Committee chairman in 2000, will speak, conduct a Q&A and sign copies of his Amazon Best Seller “The Clintons’ War On Women”.roger-stone-book-signing-cleveland.jpg

The book signing is at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore at 11451 Euclid Ave in Cleveland, Ohio at 4:30pm on Tuesday, July 19, 2016.

“This stunning book is the ultimate expose of the Clinton crime family,” said Stone, the New York Times Best Selling Author of The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ. This is the story the mainstream media and the Clinton machine suppressed over the last three decades.

“My book is not about marital infidelity, adultery or consensual sex. Bill Clinton is a serial sexual predator who has attacked, overpowered, assaulted, raped and bitten multiple women” said Stone.

The Clinton’s War on Women chronicles Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults and rapes of credible victims including Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Corbin Jones and others too numerous to list here.

“Bill Clinton is a sex criminal and Hillary Clinton has directed the campaign to terrorize, intimidate and bully his victims into silence,” said Stone. “Every millennial woman needs to know the shocking truth about Bill Clinton and his wife who has been an accessory after the fact in all of his sex crimes.

The Clintons’ War On Women also chronicles the epic corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, and The Clinton Global Initiative. “The Clinton Foundation is not a charity; it’s a slush fund for grifters and perhaps the single largest money laundering scheme in US criminal history,” said Stone, a veteran of nine Republican Presidential Campaigns.

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