Movie Review: ‘Tony Robbins: I am not your guru’

Boca Raton, Fla – Yesterday, July 15, 2016, the new Joe Berlinger documentary was releasedTony_Robbins_seminar exclusively on Netflix titled “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru.” The film opens with a compelling interaction between the popular peak performance strategist Tony Robbins and a seminar participant who is suicidal. Through various techniques, Robbins helps to bring out from the participant compelling reasons why he should continue his life and convinces him he ha a compelling future. I will not be spoiling what happens with this and other participants featured in the documentary; however, at the end of the film, Berlinger follows up with them to see how they are doing now.

As a Mastery University graduate from 1995 and a member of the Robbins crew for several events over the years, I have found Berlinger’s portrayal to be highly accurate of what happens at a typical event. Spodak Dental will be happy with the many closeups of Robbins’ perfect teeth.

This particular glimpse into a part of Robbins’ life shows the amount of time and work that goes into one his events called Date with Destiny, which now happens at what we old-time locals commonly call ‘The Hotel’ (Boca Raton Resort & Club) in Boca Raton. These events are only a small part of Robbins’ empire as he has other companies and joint ventures in varying industries. Robbins moved to Palm Beach County, Florida and jets in and out of PBI on his private plane almost as often as mere mortals commute to work. He and his wife ‘Sage’ can be seen often at the Boca Raton iPic theater and around town.

But, back to the documentary. Over the years, Robbins’ language has been highly criticized by some participants and even some of his crew. He says he does it for impact; yet, the sheer volume he uses the word “fuck”, “shit” and “mother fucker” dilutes the impact Robbins says he is trying to instill. Personally, those words do not bother me and agree they can be very impactful; however, I also agree they are overly used. It is even brought up in the documentary about his high use of offensive words. Berlinger and his film team deserve accolades for doing a first class job not white-washing what happens at a typical event.

For those that have never been to a Robbins event, this documentary shows what you are getting yourself into. It is true, you are not going to get much sleep and you had better bring food and water in a large bag in the room as you will not want to leave the room to even use the restroom. Of course, the purpose of all this is to transform lives, and Robbins delivers in spades.

The second participant featured in the documentary starts out with what she feels is a major problem in her life and that is her diet. However, it was not her diet that was eating away at her, it was her relationship with her father that comes through Robbins’ intervention with her. And talk about highs and lows; without spoiling things for you, this 19-year-old girl is in for just that over the next six months – during and after Date with Destiny. Make sure you watch the documentary through the very end.

And let me just say something to dispell any rumors I hear from time-to-time as a crew member and the general public. I have been asked if some of the people standing up are “shills” for the event. I can say unequivocally that that is not the case. As someone that has been behind the scenes, there are no shills anywhere, anyhow. What you see is what you get, and what you get is truly a transformation of your life for the better. That transformation is not about Tony Robbins, it is about the techniques he teaches to bring yourself to have higher standards. This is why the documentary is titled “I am not your guru,” not just because it is something Robbins says during the film, but he wants participants and the public to realize it is not about him. In fact, he has stated many times his disdain when people have called him a guru over the years.

In another intervention featured in the documentary, Robbins helps a Brazilian woman who had been sexually abused since the age of 8 at a highly-controversial commune and had clearly had enough. The participant sold her furniture to come to the event and needed some serious healing to take place. Robbins delivered. The participant now has three adoptive “uncles” and Robbins gave her some free training through his partnership with Cloe Mandanes. Again, I do not want to spoil outcomes; however, fair to say, after some highly effective integration with her, she does well.

I would highly recommend anyone to see this documentary on Netflix. If you can get past the consistent use of the “F” word and the “S” word and the “MF” word, then you’ll be good to go. Tonight, at 11:30 p.m Eastern, there will be virtual screening parties for the documentary around the world with Robbins doing some Q & A live. There is a special sweepstakes action as part of the virtual screenings, so for those so inclined, you may want to check it out.


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