New results from poll on Americans encrypting their information so the government cannot access it

Yesterday, July 14, 2016, released the results of a poll of 5,573 Americans’ opinions on encryption. Specifically, the question posed was, “Do you think it should be legal or illegal for people to use encryption services which prevent the government from being able to monitor communications?”encryption

Overall, 46 percent of the American respondents felt is should be completely legal for them to keep their private information away from the peering eyes of their government. Interestingly, 34 percent were not sure and 20 percent were ready to turn in their Fourth Amendment right and make it illegal to encrypt their personal data.

As one drills down into the data further, one finds that the more income the respondents had, the more they favored legal encryption. While 41 percent making under $40,000 per year said it should be legal, those making over $80,000 were at 53 percent. Another interesting takeaway from this one question was that men more than women favored encryption’s legality. Sixty-one percent of the men felt it should be legal and only 33 percent of the women favored it remaining legal.

So there you have it; 20 percent of Americans have no issue with the government coming in and snooping around, even if they haven’t committed or are suspected of committing a crime. Welcome to America in 2016.

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