Tesla’s Model X, now starting at $66,500 after incentives

Today, July 14, 2016, Tesla Motors is introducing the all-wheel drive Model X 60D. Starting at $66,500 (after incentives), the Model X 60D delivers 200 miles estimated range, a top speed of 130 mph and zero-to-60 acceleration in 6.0 seconds.

Like all Tesla vehicles, the 60D comes standard with active safety features and Autopilot hardware. The Model X 60D can later be upgraded through a software update to 75 kWh to increase range by about 20%.

Anyone who orders a Model X 60D or any other new Model S or Model X between now and July 15, 2016, through the Tesla Referral Program gets a $1,000 credit towards the purchase. Just get the special personal code of any Tesla owner and enter it at the time of purchase.



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