National Tax Watchdog Launches The First Independent Audit of the Internal Revenue Service

Washington, DC — The Tax Revolution Institute (TRI) — a Washington-based nonprofit group that promotes “justice and integrity in the tax system” — is taking a whole new approach to shedding light on the Internal Revenue Service: Today, it is announcing the launch of the first-ever independent audit of the IRS.



Dan Johnson of TRI


“For decades, the IRS has failed to live up to the standards of transparency that it enforces on the American public,” Tax Revolution Institute Executive Director Dan Johnson explained. As TRI has previously reported, the agency lacks independent oversight in Congress and has thus far managed to avoid proper accountability. The IRS routinely denies requests for information, ignores subpoenas, and even destroys records. When the agency does provide information, it is often misleading and inaccurate.

Meanwhile, the IRS can demand up to six years of accurate financial information from individuals, subject them to audits, and impose large fines and penalties — even in the absence of due legal process.

That is why the Tax Revolution Institute is conducting this first-ever independent audit of the IRS. It will do so with the help of the American public, who for the first time will be given the opportunity to help audit the people who audit them.

The audit will examine several areas of the IRS, including the Service’s treatment of individual taxpayers and small businesses, handling of its finances, expectations of IRS employees, work culture, and advice given to taxpayers. The audit will also cover IRS policies and their enforcement.

The Tax Revolution Institute is urging anyone with relevant personal experience of the IRS, or other information that may provide insight into any of the specified areas, to submit that information at The Institute will never publish personally identifying information unless invited to do so by the person who provided it.

TRI will collect information from business owners, government employees, and any American taxpayers who have had any relevant experience — either positive or negative — with the IRS.

TRI staff will research received submissions, file Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and examine IRS policy to determine how the IRS treats the American people.

Ensuring the accountability and transparency of the federal revenue-collection agency is the first step toward achieving justice and integrity in the tax system.

The Tax Revolution Institute (TRI) is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3)-pending organization dedicated to promoting transparency, accountability, and integrity at all levels of the US tax system, while researching and developing simple and innovative tax-reform solutions to advance freedom and prosperity for all Americans.

Through FOIA requests, briefings, testimonies, advocacy, research studies, white papers, and educational programs, TRI will expose corruption, fraud, and incompetence within the US tax system. It will provide educational tools and resources for tax accountability to policy makers, grassroots organizations, and the American public.


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