David J. Moore out with ‘The Good, the Tough & the Deadly: Action Movies & Stars’

Atglen, PA—Schiffer Publishing announced today, July 14, 2016, the definitive resource for action movie aficionados and academics alike: “The Good, the Tough & the Deadly: Action Movies & Stars” by david j. moore. The author of “World Gone Wild: A Survivor’s Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Movies” is back with another must-have genre compendium.

This massive study on action movies and stars from around the world, from the 1960s to the present, is filled with more than a thousand in-depth movie reviews that cover every action star who’s crossed over from the world of martial arts, sports, professional wrestling, and stunt work. Exploding with beautiful images,exclusive interviews, and a thorough action star index, this one-of-a-kind movie reference book and comprehensive fan guide features reviews by the author, ZackCarlson (Destroy All Movies!!! The Complete Guide to Punks on Film), Vern (Seagalogy: A Study of the Ass-KickingFilms of Steven Seagal and YippieKi-Yay Moviegoer!), Mike McBeardo McPadden (HeavyMetal Movies and Going All the Way: TheUltimate Guide to Teen Sex Comedies of the VHS Era),and several others. It is a quintessential tribute to the men and women whohave left their mark in the action and martial arts film genres.

Would love to send you a review copy. Let me know if I can set up an interview with Daze and/or provide images for Instagram, slideshows or print editorial. We’re Schiffer Publishing on Facebook and Instagram and @SchifferBooks on twitter. Hashtags: #DAZEWORLD and #DAZENYC.

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