Florida Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Stanton takes aim at his primary opponent Invictus

Today, July 12, 2016, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Paul Stanton came out with


Libertarian Party of Florida U.S. Senate candidate Paul Stanton. Photo Credit: Stanton for U.S. Senate

statement condemning his Libertarian Party of Florida primary opponent Augustus Sol Invictus’ repeated calls for violence and civil war.

Stanton made the following statement earlier today:
Throughout the campaign of Augustus Sol Invictus, and even prior to, Invictus has made claims of being born for a great war[1]. Invictus believes a violent civil war is not only imminent but needed, stating to Fox 13’s Craig Patrick in a recent interview[2], “The only thing you can do to change government is to arm yourselves and be prepared for war.” When asked to clarify if by total insurrection Invictus is speaking of violent insurrection, he replied, “I am.”
Augustus Sol Invictus, whose positions on civil war were previously condemned by the Libertarian Party of Florida, does not represent the majority of the Libertarians who believe in achieving political and social change through peaceful means. Paul Stanton stands firmly as the candidate calling for a peaceful and social revolution, denouncing all forms of violence unless in direct defense of one’s self or others. Historically, violent revolution results in massive casualties and tyranny. As Libertarian philosopher David Friedman has pointed out[3], “civil disorder leads to more government, not less. It may topple one government, but it creates a situation in which people desire another and stronger. Hitler’s regime followed the chaos of the Weimar years. Russian communism is a second example, a lesson for which the anarchists of Kronstadt paid dear. Napoleon is a third.”
In addition to calling for a violent insurrection against the state, Invictus and his supporters have been very hostile toward detractors, threatening them with “helicopter rides” (a reference to Chilean dictator Pinochet’s murder of political dissidents after the coup of 1973 in what is referred to as the “Caravan of Death”). Invictus also recently advised in an interview with supporter Max Dickstein, “In the event of a revolution, the media outlets should be the first thing to burn to the ground because they’re the ones who spread the disinformation and they’re the ones who will turn the public against you. Maybe think about that when the media comes out with stories about that person, calling them a neo-nazi, devil worshiper, whatever else comes out.[4]”
The violence we witnessed in Dallas last week with the murder of multiple police officers is exactly the type of “insurrection” Augustus Sol Invictus is calling for. Invictus’ calls for such violence are irresponsible and damaging not only to the Libertarian Party of Florida but the entire liberty movement. It appears Augustus Sol Invictus hopes a revolution will produce a society in which we will be collectivized by groups rather than individuals, as was formulated during an interview with Radio 3Fourteen on Red Ice Radio[5]. During that interview, Invictus agreed that separating the country by religion, race, and sexual orientation would be ideal. This collectivist mindset is completely counter to Libertarian philosophy which seeks to strengthen the rights of individuals to associate and disassociate as they please, not forcibly collectivize individuals into groups.
Paul Stanton acknowledges the need for a peaceful revolution of thought and action. Calls for violence by Augustus Sol Invictus should be harshly rejected as not representative of the Libertarian party or libertarian movement. Paul Stanton, an Army combat veteran and Libertarian activist, is the peace candidate in the Florida U.S. Senate race. All Florida Libertarians should be aware of the first-in-the-state Libertarian primary for U.S. Senate on August 30, to send a strong message against violence.
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