Libertarian Party calls for an end to all Violence

Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark issued this statement today, July 8, 2016, in relation to the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas:

“The killing needs to stop. All of it. None of these shootings were justified – not the shootings by the police, not the shootings of the police. The Libertarian Party denounces all killing. No American should feel they’ve invited violence upon themselves because of their skin color, the uniform they wear in service to their communities, or their decision to exercise their Second Amendment rights. None of these factors should make you a target for murder in this country.”

“The frustration in the black community is palpable, and frankly, justified. When rogue cop after rogue cop gets off scot-free after using excessive force and changes are not made, and consequences are not felt, it causes this horrible tension we are feeling today. However, the vast majority of the black community have been exercising their right to protest peacefully and admirably. It is despicable that a couple of bad actors put a cloud over all that and increased tension for everyone. The shooters in Dallas will see justice, but will the blue wall of silence ever be broken? Will cops ever start to do a better job of policing themselves?”

“The Libertarian Party calls for peace and justice. Those two things go hand in hand.”

Libertarian Party of Florida Chair, Char-Lez Braden said this morning, “We resolutely stand against the use of violence to achieve a political end. What happened in Dallas is a symptom of a bigger problem, which is that law enforcement has strayed from its primary mission of protecting the rights of all citizens. I call upon elected officials everywhere to restore that mission.”

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