Commentary: You need to suck it up and vote for Johnson

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Governor Gary Johnson may not check all the boxes in what makes a perfect presidential candidate in your mind, whether you’re a Libertarian, Republican or Democrat. He is the most freedom-based candidate and would show the political establishment and more importantly the media, that the days of political theater are over. 2016 offers American voters the opportunity to put a stop to all the shenanigans and truly change American politics for the better.

2016 offers American voters the opportunity to put to bed all the political nonsense wetrump-clinton have seen this political season. From Trump’s boorish bullying to Clinton’s scandal-filled political life, Ameria deserves better. We deserve better politics and we deserve better media coverage. Only three presidential candidates will be on the ballot in all 50 states and they are Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Donald Trump. The mainstream media works hard to marginalize Johnson, but it does not change the fact he can win if most Americans stop their tunnel-vision that they need to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Both Trump and Clinton consistently poll as being highly untrustworthy so how can any reasonable voter support their candidacy when you don’t know where they truly stand. A vote for either is doing nothing more than keeping the failed duopoly in power and doing the nation a serious disservice.


Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Governor Gary Johnson

A majority of Americans need to suck it up and vote for Gary Johnson, probably the first Libertarian they have ever voted. There is something for everyone to like and perhaps more to like than the candidate you are currently considering. Many people are using the website to learn more about which candidate is most in line with their values. Conservatives like Johnson’s support of term limits for members of Congress, a balanced federal budget, getting rid of the federal income tax, strong on the Second Amendment and opposes Common Core. Liberals love how Johnson has been supportive of marriage equality longer than Clinton and seeks to end the War on Drugs, wants to end our interventionism overseas while reforming immigration laws. None of the candidates is 100 percent in line with every American’s value system, Johnson is no different. Johnson is; however, the most freedom-centered candidate one can vote in the November presidential election.

We, as Americans, need to think past the two-party duopoly that has been forced upon us the last few decades and give serious considering to Libertarian Gary Johnson. A majority of Americans want a third party and here he is, a credible two-term governor qualified running for president alongside Trump and Clinton.

A vote for either Trump or Clinton will clearly result in a further erosion of the U.S. Constitution. Trump, through a multitude of statements, is an authoritarian with little serious thought to abiding by the Constitution. Clinton, as we have recently seen with Tuesday’s FBI announcement relieving her of an indictment, was the latest of a series showing she has little regard for doing the right thing or for the American people.

It is time Americans make a genuine change for the betterment of the country and that is voting for Governor Gary Johnson for President of the United States this November.



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