LP National Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark Talks Convention, Election and Conviction With TLI


EDITOR’S NOTE: Nicholas Sarwark is the chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, the executive body of the LP. He is just beginning his second two-year term after once again being elected to the position at the 2016 Libertarian National Convention in Orlando, Fla. You may also recognize him as the face of the party during the national television coverage on C-SPAN the entire weekend. He resides in Arizona with his wife and three children.

MCLAUGHLIN’S TAKE: I’ll admit it, in the week prior to attending the Libertarian National Convention—as a recent refugee from the Republican Party—I didn’t have a clue who Nicholas Sarwark was. After leaving Orlando, Fla. at the conclusion of the event—I was convinced this guy was as important in establishing party credibility as the presidential candidates had been.

Sarwark was the Lion Tamer of the convention, the Maestro without a baton. He was able to tight-rope…

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