Vegan Bodybuilder Karl Ess’ tips on plant-based bodybuilding:

1) Eat a high-carbohydrate diet. High-fat diets, even diets full of healthy fats, will make you lethargic and leave your blood-lipid (blood fat) levels very high. Karl recommends a 60% carbs, 20% protein, 20% fat for optimum bodybuilding performance.

Check out these ten tips for vegans struggling with their weight!

2) Lift heavy. Stay in motion. Have a balanced exercise routine that includes both cardio and lifting. Your body is like a river, all of the veins are pumping blood and water to you vital organs and extremities. You must keep this river flowing.

3) Drink tons of water. Drink one extra liter of water for every extra 30 mins of exercise.

4) Just because it is vegan does not mean it is healthy. Stay away from processed food, sodas, coloring, canned foods. Karl does not recommend soy. Canned beans are better than nothing.

5) Fructose…

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