Less than a third of Obamacare enrollees are satisfied


Less than a third of Obamacare enrollees are satisfied with their health coverage primarily because of costs according to The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions 2015 Survey of US Health Care Consumers.

“Health care is a matter of life and death and we cannot afford to continue to get health care reform wrong. Surgical fixes to the law can only get us so far, we need a full-scale repeal-and-replace plan,” said Jonathan Lockwood, executive director of Advancing Colorado. “Obamacare is failing to live up to its promises and it was a dangerous prescription for our health care system. We need the freedom to buy plans we want without penalties and mandates, and with true health care reform, costs would go down.”

Additionally, only 24 percent of enrollees are confident they can get affordable care when they need it and only 16 percent feel financially prepared to handle future health care costs.

Two in five uninsured experienced technical difficulties while trying to enroll, and 27 percent said the glitches forced them to stop trying.

In Colorado, six health insurers proposed double-digit rate increases as high as 34 percent the Colorado Division of Insurance reported earlier this summer.

According to the DOI, 23 insurance companies submitted for review a total of 1,377 plans. Of these plans, 11 insurance companies submitted 425 plans to be sold through the Colorado Obamacare exchange. The DOI will complete the approval process in September, and will notify carriers and Connect for Health Colorado of approved plans to be sold for 2016.

The Deloitte report can be viewed in full here.

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