Successful vegan event in Los Angeles has legs to spread across country

VeganSmart Helps to Spread the Vegan Word with Series of Fun Brunch Events #VeganSmartSummer

VeganSmart Helps to Spread the Vegan Word with Series of Fun Brunch Events #VeganSmartSummer

VeganSmart, the premier choice for all-in-one nutritional vegan shakes, vegan recipes and an interval cleanse program presented a public vegan brunch Sunday, July 12th, in downtown Los Angeles. The event was hosted by Bad Ass Vegan; fitness trainer and health influencer John Lewis, and @VeganFoodShare, a vegan lifestyle awareness group. This was the second successful brunch event presented by VeganSmart. Through these events, VeganSmart intends to educate the community about all the health benefits that could come from adjusting to a vegan lifestyle while having a good time.

Over 300 local vegans, non-vegans, celebrities and influencers attended the LA event. VeganSmart previously held a vegan brunch in Miami and the success of that event inspired the company to take their vegan appreciation party on the road to inspire communities nationwide including Los Angeles and a pending brunch in New York City. The Los Angeles brunch pulled out all the stops by hosting the event in a funky, downtown warehouse. Street art covered the walls and the smell of delicious vegan sliders and quesadillas filled the air, while a DJ pumped out tunes. Guests were also treated to vegan cheesecake, lychee, vegan ice cream and fruit kabobs. No brunch is complete without cocktails, and VeganSmart was sure to deliver with tasty vegan Bloody Marys and mimosas.

The VeganSmart brunch series is a celebration of veganism for seasoned vegans, an introduction to the vegan lifestyle for non-vegans and an opportunity for those who are vegan-curious to experiment with veganism. The brunch events are an entertaining approach to encourage others to consider adopting a vegan diet. These networking events combine delicious VeganSmart smoothie recipes with live music, local artist exhibitions, and vegan catering to show that the vegan lifestyle can be easy and above all else, fun!

Better health is something everyone should aspire for, and Naturade, VeganSmart’s parent company, has made always set out to be a leader in the community for providing resources and products to aid in one’s wellness journey. Naturade owner and CMO Kareem Cook’s passion for health and impacting his community is one of the driving forces behind why he created the brunch series:

“We at Naturade believe that the world is headed in a catastrophically unhealthy direction. We are dedicated to offering healthy alternatives and bringing our products to the communities that need them the most. Whether you are vegan, or are just trying to eat a more healthy diet, VeganSmart is for you.”

Together, Naturade and VeganSmart are committed to the education and the introduction of healthier lifestyles for the community. For more information about the VeganSmart products, recipes, wellness tips, or upcoming events visit #VeganSmartSummer

VeganSmart is a complete vegan protein blend that was introduced in 2014 as a healthy all-in-one nutritional shake specifically created for vegans or the vegan-curious. It contains a whole food complex of 9 different healthy colorful fruits and vegetables known to contain polyphenols, antioxidants and flavonoids to support overall wellness. In addition, it also contains 22 vitamins and minerals, a healthy dose of fiber and omega blends, prebiotics and digestive enzymes. VeganSmart has been embraced by vegans and non-vegans as their all-in-one nutritional shake of choice because of the taste and nutritional power that comes with each product.

Naturade has been well known for its commitment to improving the health and well-being of consumers with innovative, natural products since 1926. For seven decades, the company has developed a range of beneficial products that improve health and beauty by restoring the natural balance between nutrients and foodstuffs. Naturade has taken the reins as an innovator in the natural products industry as a provider of natural health products worldwide.

Naturade pioneered the introduction of soy protein powders in the 1950s and over the years, Naturade has manufactured and distributed a variety of health-related products including vitamins, nutritional supplements, skin care and hair care products. In 2005, Naturade expanded its Naturade branded product portfolio with the acquisition of Ageless™ Foundation Laboratories, a line of anti-aging products, and Symbiotics®, a colostrum-based line of products to enhance immune system functions.

Naturade’s commitment to quality is well regarded as a standard of excellence in the dietary supplement industry, thus offering a healthier way to life naturally. The company’s priority and standard of excellence demands effective, nutritional quality controls. These controls are integrated through every phase of product development and production. Naturade’s commitment inspires the company to pursue greater and more advanced technology to ensure only the highest quality possible in its products.

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