LGBTQ Weddings Study Revealed by The Knot, the Top Resource in Weddings


 The Knot, the #1 multiplatform wedding resource, is releasing its third annual LGBTQ Weddings Study and The Knot LGBTQ Edition digital magazine. The LGBTQ Weddings Study surveyed more than 1,200 LGBTQ singles or couples who were recently married or engaged and planning a wedding to uncover spending habits, trends and traditions that couples are embracing or adapting to bring their wedding vision to life. The issue is available now on, and a 10-page insert of the edition is printed in The Knot Summer 2015 weddings magazine.

“Since our inception in 1996, The Knot has had a rich history of supporting love and marriage for all,” said Mike Steib, CEO of XO Group Inc., parent company of The Knot. “Starting with The Knot Millennial Couple, Kimberly Acquaviva and Kimberly McGannon, to hosting a pop-up chapel in Central Park to celebrate New York’s passage of the 2011 Marriage Equality Act, we’ve always believed in helping all couples plan their wedding–no matter who they are, or who they love.”

The Knot LGBTQ Wedding Study has revealed that 95% of couples surveyed refer to this occasion as a wedding, as opposed to a commitment ceremony or civil union, up from 82% in 2014. Additionally, 96% of couples do not think of their wedding as a “same-sex wedding” but a wedding. Of the people surveyed, 70% said they are walking down the aisle; men are nearly three times more likely to walk down the aisle together, whereas women prefer a friend or family member escort. Half of couples have a friend or family member officiate their wedding ceremony, and the most popular reception venue choices are restaurants, friends’ or family members’ homes, and historic buildings.

The featured celebrities on the cover of The Knot LGBTQ Edition, Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin, exemplify a personalized wedding and many of the trends revealed in The Knot LGBTQ Weddings Study. The magazine allows an all-access, VIP, backstage pass to the wedding of the former *NSYNC member. “It was a gorgeous view of all our favorite people in the world,” says Lance about his wedding. The magazine also includes planning and etiquette advice, style inspiration and sweet love stories from real couples, along with real wedding images and inspiration.

“As we celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize marriage equality for the entire country, our study shows that LGBTQ couples are hosting intimate weddings, with a focus on the guest experience and lots of personalized details,” said Anja Winikka, site director of The Knot. “Best of all, 91% of men and 95% of women respondents say that ‘my wedding day was the best day of my life so far.'”

Key Findings from The Knot 2015 LGBTQ Weddings Study:


  • Of the LGBTQ couples surveyed, 96% don’t consider their marriage a “same-sex marriage”—they consider it a marriage
  • 95% of couples refer to this occasion as a wedding, as opposed to a commitment ceremony or civil union, up from 82% in 2014
  • 60% of couples agree that guests could use advice and services when navigating LGBTQ wedding etiquette
  • 95% of couples agree that vendors need a way to communicate that they’re LGBTQ friendly, and 81% of couples look to vendor reviews when seeking LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors
  • The most popular reception venues include restaurants (13% for men, 16% for women), family or friends’ homes (13% for men, 12% for women), and historic buildings or homes (11% for men, 8% for women)


  • 57% of men and 69% of women had a formal proposal, and for 71% of those couples, it was a surprise
  • 56% of men and 76% of women exchanged rings with their engagement; 36% of men and 56% of women at the time of their proposal, while 20% of couples purchased them after the proposal
  • 97% of couples exchange wedding bands at the ceremony
  • 70% of couples walk down the aisle; men are nearly three times as likely to walk down the aisle together, while women prefer a family or friend escort

Spending Habits:

  • LGBTQ weddings are small, intimate affairs—men have an average of 77 guests and women have an average of 71 guests; 9 in 10 LGBTQ weddings have less than 150 guests
  • Men spend an average of $15,992 on their weddings, compared with $13,055 for women; 23% of men and 21% of women spend more than $20,000
  • 85% of men and 79% of women pay for the majority of the wedding themselves

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