Bubbly Vegan Chocolate Orange Mousse Recipe

Oh My Goodness Vegan

Good grief this is something I never thought I’d have: Vegan Chocolate Orange Mousse – for actual reals!



As a kid I’d look longingly at gelatine-laden chocolate mousse just wishing that I could have a nice vegetarian version! The light bubbly-textured chocolate looked so good aside from the obviously horrendous, stomach churning bone-derived ingredients! As I became vegan and cut out eggs entirely, the idea of an authentic mousse was rendered entirely unachievable (I thought!).

I, along with every other vegan and egg-avoider on the planet, have become intrigued by the recent aquafaba (bean cooking water) hype and have engaged in plenty of successful and unsuccessful venture into vegan meringue! When I eventually but two and two together I realised (and I’m aware I’m not the first) that the airy whipped aquafaba could easily be used to create a mousse!

As a massive fan of orange flavoured chocolate, it was only natural…

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