‘Vet House’ Opens In West Palm Beach As A Resource Center To Help Veterans Transition Back To Civilian Life And Serve As Venue For Hard-Hitting Reality TV Show


VET HOUSE is hardly your typical 3 bedroom /2 bath home in Palm Beach County.  It’s a place where disabled veterans live and learn together how to transition back to civilian life.

Vet House Odyssey (www.vethouseodyssey.com) is a hard-hitting realty TV show in the making that will open many eyes to how challenging the transition can be for America’s heroes.

Five miles south of Jupiter, two miles west of Singer Island and five miles north of Palm Beach, “Vet House will be a place where veterans can find themselves,” said  Vet House founder Joe Franklin, a real estate developer and a veteran himself who has dedicated much of his life to helping fellow veterans adjust to civilian life.

“At Vet House, veterans will find the resources they need to develop saleable work skills, while enjoying comradery and the emotional support of living and learning along with other veterans.  This will ease and facilitate their readjustment and transition back to civilian life,” he said.

Even more significantly, Vet House is located only two miles northeast of the West Palm Beach V.A.

The idea behind Vet House providing veterans with economic empowerment programs came from Franklin who has spent many years helping veterans develop saleable skills, find employment and homes for themselves and their families.

Franklin’s programs focus on affordable housing, job training and employment. Additionally, post 9/11 war injured veterans with serious barriers to employment will be offered internships. Upon graduation, the six month internship will train the interns for paid positions with the organization.

The idea for Vet House Odyssey, the TV show, came from Tom Madden, a former VP of NBC who now heads the Boca Raton-based international PR firm TransMedia Group  (www.transmediagroup.com).

“It’s critical to offer veterans services in a setting that’s relaxing and conducive to recovery and Madden is right on target in visualizing Vet House Odyssey as an inspiring TV show,” said Franklin

“Our government spends billions of dollars annually militarizing civilians who are changed by the regimentation of serving their country.  Transitional services are scarce and veterans have difficulty assimilating back into civilian life while agencies find entitlement preferable to empowerment. According to U.S. DOL, service-connected disabled veterans have a much higher unemployment rate.”

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